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A Seriously Funny Golf Instruction Book

Golf It's Not Rocket Science Golf Book

Golf, It's Not Rocket Science...

...is NOT just another Golf Instruction Book.  

You'll laugh and learn (or unlearn) how to quickly simplify your game (and your golf swing) and play the best golf of your life and, most importantly, have more fun.

"This book was a gift from a friend who thought it was a golf joke book.  It is very funny, but it's no joke. It has me swinging and hitting better, farther and more accurately than ever, and without hearing my husband shouting instructions!" I'm giving one to each of the ladies in my regular foursome" -Rebecca Stuart

'At last, a clear concise simple explanation of how the mechanics of this blasted game works. Finally, a simple lesson and explanation has me beating my buddies regularly!
- Mel Henry

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